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In the Event of a Divorce

Beginning on January 1, 1985, Federal law provides that in the event of a divorce, a former spouse may have a right to receive some portion of a Participant's benefit directly from NEAP. In connection with a divorce or property settlement agreement, a court may direct that a portion of a Participant's benefit be paid to a former spouse. Such payment cannot be made to a spouse before the Participant is eligible for a benefit.

NEAP will recognize such a court order and make direct payments to a former spouse only if there is a Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) as required by Federal law. You will need to provide NEAP with a complete copy of any and all signed divorce decrees and QDROs.

NEAP has written procedures for notifying you of our receipt of a court order affecting your benefit and for determining if the court order is an acceptable QDRO. A model of the QDRO provisions that can be used to assist you in obtaining an acceptable QDRO can be downloaded here.