Participation Agreements

A NEAP Participation Agreement allows a contributing employer the ability to make NEAP contributions on behalf of its non-bargaining unit employees. A non-bargaining unit employee is not part of the bargaining unit or is not performing work that is covered by the CBA which contains the NEAP Standard Contract Language.

There are two types of Participation Agreements. The first is an "All" Participation Agreement. An "All" Agreement covers each and every employee not covered by the collective bargaining agreement – this includes all full-time and part-time employees.

The second type is an "Alumni" Participation Agreement. An "Alumni" Agreement covers each and every employee who has earned at least one service credit under an IBEW collective bargaining agreement.

If a NEAP covered employer's collective bargaining agreement requires contributions to NEBF and NEAP on behalf of bargaining unit employees, the employer will need to sign a Participation Agreement for NEBF in order to cover its non-bargaining employees under NEAP. In this case, the NEBF Participation Agreement must cover the same group or a larger group of employees as the NEAP Participation Agreement.

To start contributing to the NEAP on behalf of your non-bargaining unit employees download a Participation Agreement. To assist you in reporting your non-bargaining unit employees, NEAP has provided Reporting Procedures for Non-Bargaining Employees, which can also be downloaded.

The NEAP will require that you sign two copies of the agreement and provide a list of the employees who will be covered under the agreement. Once received, NEAP will sign one of the copies and return it to you for your records.