National Electrical Annuity Plan

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Welcome to the National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP). You can count yourself as one of the over 117,261 individuals who currently participate in the NEAP.

You become a Participant in NEAP when you have worked 160 hours in covered employment. These 160 hours must be accumulated during the period beginning with your first day of covered employment and ending on December 31 of the following year.

You remain a participant for as long as you have a balance greater than zero in your individual account. You are no longer a participant when you take the entire balance of your individual account as a benefit. However, you are eligible to participate again in NEAP if you return to covered employment and meet the eligibility requirement.

This Participant section will provide you with important information on the NEAP from Working Toward Retirement, to Getting Ready to Retire, to Life Changing Events. This website provides a high-level overview of the NEAP. Should you have specific questions concerning the NEAP, please contact the NEAP office.