National Electrical Annuity Plan

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Standard Contract Language

When negotiating a new contract between an employer and an IBEW Local Union, the NEAP clause in the contract needs to be correctly worded to bind both parties to fulfill their obligations.

The following language, which may also be downloaded must be included in the Collective Bargaining Agreement in order for contributions to be made to the NEAP.


Section 6.05. It is agreed that in accord with the IBEW-District Ten-NECA Individual Equity Retirement Plan Agreement entered into between the National Electrical Contractors Association, Inc., and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on December 11, 1973, as amended, and now delineated as the National Electrical Annuity Plan Agreement and Trust, that unless authorized otherwise by the National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP), the individual employer will forward monthly to NEAP’s designated collection agent an amount equal to _____________ (the contribution obligation) together with a completed payroll report prescribed by the NEAP. The payment shall be made by check or draft and shall constitute a debt due and owing to NEAP on the last day of each calendar month, which may be recovered by suit initiated by NEAP or its assignee. The payment and the payroll report shall be mailed to reach NEAP not later than 15 calendar days following the end of each calendar month.

The individual Employer hereby accepts, and agrees to be bound by, the National Electrical Annuity Plan Agreement and Trust.

An individual Employer who fails to remit as provided above shall be additionally subject to having this agreement terminated upon 72 hours notice in writing being served by the Union, provided the individual employer fails to show satisfactory proof that the required payments have been paid to the appropriate collection agent.

The failure of an individual employer to comply with the applicable provisions of the National Electrical Annuity Plan Agreement and Trust shall also constitute a breach of this labor agreement.