National Electrical Benefit Fund

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For an application that has been downloaded from the NEBF website

Please follow the instructions below to complete your downloaded application in its entirety. We've highlighted the items that are most commonly overlooked to help you successfully submit a complete pension application.

Page 2 details the documents you can use to prove your age.

Page 3 provide us with your retirement date, and indicate whether you are single, married, or divorced. You must select one of these items.

Page 4, if you are or have been divorced, list your previous spouses.

Page 5 you can choose a Joint and Survivor benefit or elect not to make a selection at this time.

Page 6 sign the Social Security Authorization.

Pages 9-11 provide your Work History. If you have received a letter from us showing your Work History and you agree with it, do not fill out this form.

Page 12 you’ll find a required Direct Deposit Authorization form used for payment of your monthly benefit. Remember to print your name and sign the form.

Page 14 remember to sign your completed NEBF application.

Page 15 is another look at the documents we need to expedite the application process. Once you complete your application, please thoroughly review it before submitting it to our office.