National Electrical Benefit Fund

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Getting Ready to Retire

retireThe time has finally come! You have worked hard and the time has come to start enjoying the next stage of your life.  Congratulations! 
As an eligible, retired participant in the NEBF, you are one step closer to receiving your NEBF benefit.  The type of benefit you maybe eligible for will depend you meeting the required eligibility requirements of that benefit type.
The NEBF offers two types of benefits to its eligible participants:  Retirement Benefits and a Disability Benefit.  Click on the links below for more information on these types of benefits.

Retirement Benefits- Are available to eligible Participants who have retired from the electrical industry.  There are two types of Retirement Benefits: Normal Retirement Benefit and Early Retirement Benefit.
Disability Benefit- Is available to an eligible Participant who is less than age 65 and who becomes Totally Disabled.  Eligible Participants who are Totally Disabled can get a Disability Benefit if they have a Disability Award from the Social Security Administration showing that they are currently receiving a Social Security Disability Benefit or such other proof as the Trustees may require. Your entitlement to a Disability Benefit is dependent upon you continuing to be Totally Disabled.  NEBF will periodically request that you submit verification from the Social Security Administration of your continued eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits or proof that you are still disabled.