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Monthly Reportable Earnings Cap

When an individual earns more than a full time journeyman in any reporting period, the gross earnings on which the NEBF contribution is made for that reporting period will be ‘capped’. The monthly Reportable Earnings Cap is calculated by using the journeyman’s wage rate (JWR), as outlined in the appropriate collective bargaining agreement (CBA), multiplied by the hours specified in the CBA.
Please note that each time the JWR changes, the Reportable Earnings Cap will also change.

Monthly Reportable Earnings Cap Calculator

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DISCLAIMER: This calculator is intended to assist you in determining your reportable earnings cap. This calculator is made available as a self-help tool with results based only upon information provided by the user. Therefore any result you receive from this calculator is not guaranteed but rather is an estimate of the reportable earnings cap as it applies to your particular circumstances.