Services for Our Members

As a member of the NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan (FMCP), you receive access to some of the best services in healthcare, including:



Did you know that, according to the Institute of Medicine, most people are likely to experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime? We understand that medical challenges can be stressful enough without having to worry about the accuracy of your diagnosis and the effectiveness of your treatment. That's why Best Doctors has several services to give you the help you need no matter your issue, and they’re free for you and your dependents.

  • Expert Second Opinion – If you’re looking for a second opinion, you can have your medical case fully reviewed by one of the world’s Best Doctors via the InterConsultation Expert Second Opinion service. With one confidential phone call, get a detailed report and a confidential recommendation about your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.
  • Ask the Expert – Get personalized answers to basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. Simply submit your questions to Best Doctors and quickly receive the right guidance from an expert physician.
  • Find a Best Doctor – Need a pediatrician? Want the best surgeon in your area? Looking for a medical specialist? Based on your criteria, Best Doctors can help you locate the right in-network doctor in your area. They’ll even call to verify that the doctor is taking new patients. And because Best Doctors only selects the best physicians, you’ll be sure that you’re getting the best care for you.
  • Critical Care – For critical situations or illnesses, call Best Doctors for help making the right decision at the right time.

Why use Best Doctors? Because it’s easy, convenient, confidential, and free. Because peace-of-mind can be only a phone call away. And because you deserve the best care. Best Doctors is committed to helping you receive it.

 To learn more, contact Best Doctors at 1-866-904-0910 or You can also view member testimony at