Services for Our Members

As a member of the NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan (FMCP), you receive access to some of the best services in healthcare, including:



HealthClips is an easily accessible platform for expert-reviewed health and wellness education. The HealthClips library contains more than 4,000 videos about various health and wellness topics — including mental and emotional health, medication, cancer, blood pressure, heart disease, and many more — which means there’s information there for every situation. The resources at HealthClips were created to ensure that you have access to accurate medical information right at your fingertips, when and where you need it most, and they’re completely free for FMCP members.
To access HealthClips, log in to your account in the Member Self-Service Online Portal and find the HealthClips tab in the left menu bar (just above the Contact Us tab). When you click on the HealthClips link, you’ll be automatically logged in to view any of the multitudes of resources that HealthClips has to offer.




Talkspace is a digital service for private and convenient mental health support that helps you connect with a licensed behavioral therapist — from anywhere, at any time! Talkspace makes therapy easy and accessible with no appointment necessary and without the stigma.
With Talkspace, you can send messages (text, audio, picture, and video) to a therapist in a private, text-based chat room where you can engage with your therapist at your own pace, on a flexible schedule. You’ll have access to free, unlimited messaging therapy and one 30-minute video session with your therapist each month, so you can communicate in the way you’re most comfortable. Talkspace is completely confidential, and it’s available at no cost to FMCP members and their eligible dependents ages 13 and older.
You can learn more and register at Members must register at to receive this benefit at no cost through the FMCP.


Please note: This benefit only applies to members who have their medical benefits through one of the FMCP PPO Plans. If you are eligible, you must register through to receive this benefit at no cost through the FMCP.


Life doesn’t always happen on schedule. That means it might be hard to get doctor’s care when you really need it — like in the middle of the night or when you’re traveling out of state. LiveHealth Online is a telemedicine service that connects you with a doctor online anytime. LiveHealth Online uses two-way video to connect you with U.S.-based board-certified doctors who can assess your medical condition, answer questions and even provide certain prescriptions if needed. All you need is Internet access with a webcam or the LiveHealth Online app on your smartphone or tablet. There are no long wait times, and appointments are available 24/7 in all 50 states (with Spanish-speaking doctors available in some areas). LiveHealth Online is easy, convenient, and confidential. Doctors are available on your schedule to provide you with the medical care you need, when you need it. And the best part? LiveHealth Online medical visits are free to FMCP members and their dependents through 2021.
You can register to use LiveHealth Online on Just provide your name, email address, and your chosen password. When asked if you have insurance, click ‘Yes’ and select Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield from the dropdown menu. Your subscriber ID is your member ID from your medical/Rx card. If you are registering as a dependent, you will also need to provide information for the Primary Subscriber (member) for insurance purposes. You will not need to provide a Service Key. Just hit ‘Finish’ and you’re ready to go!
For more information about how LiveHealth Online works, visit, watch the video below or click here to learn how to register.

Please note: This benefit only applies to members who have their medical benefits through one of the FMCP PPO Plans.



If you have doubts about a diagnosis or treatment plan, Best Doctors can help give you the clarity and confidence you need through an Expert Medical Opinion. Their doctors are here when you need it most – from reviewing a current condition to providing guidance on treatment options, Best Doctors' specialists are available to give you the confidence in your healthcare that you need. Of all cases reviewed by Best Doctors, 45% have had a change in diagnosis and 79% had an adjusted treatment plan.

  • Expert Medical Opinion – If you’re looking for an expert's opinion about your current diagnosis or treatment plan, you can have your medical case fully reviewed by one of the world’s Best Doctors via the Expert Medical Opinion service. Reach out to Best Doctors, and you'll get a detailed report and a confidential recommendation about your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.
  • Treatment Decision Support – Making the right decision about your conditions can be difficult when you don't fully understand the risks or tradeoffs of your treatment options. Treatment Decision Support provides access to a multitude of resources such as personalized, relevant clinical coaching and online education to help you better understand your condition and the appropriate treatment options for you.
  • Mental Health Treatment Review – If you're facing a mental health issue or feel like your condition isn't improving with your current treatment, Mental Health Treatment Review can help. Best Doctors' team of leading psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers take the time to listen to your concerns and then complete an in-depth review and assessment of your existing diagnosis and treatment plan while guiding you through the mental healthcare system to monitor your progress.
  • Ask the Expert – Get personalized answers to basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. Simply submit your questions to Best Doctors and quickly receive the right guidance from an expert physician.
  • Find a Best Doctor – Need a pediatrician? Want the best surgeon in your area? Looking for a medical specialist? Based on your criteria, Best Doctors can help you locate the right in-network doctor in your area. With over 600,000 referable physicians and a propriety algorithm that utilizes years of proven quality markers and recommendations, you can have the confidence that you will get the care you need.
  • Critical Case Support – For critical situations or illnesses, call Best Doctors for help making the right decision at the right time.

Why use Best Doctors? Because it’s easy, convenient, confidential, and free for you and your dependents. Because peace of mind can be only a phone call away. And because you deserve the best care. Best Doctors is committed to helping you receive it.

To learn more, contact Best Doctors at 1-800-497-1634, visit, or download the Best Doctors app. You can also view member testimony at

Please note: If your medical coverage is through Kaiser, this benefit is not applicable.