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FMCP COVID-19 Update

In order to ensure the health and safety of our employees and their families amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, the NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan office staff began to work remotely as of March 19, 2020. A small team remains onsite daily to ensure that necessary processes are completed and to process documents received to the office as needed.

We are committed to providing continuous service to all of our members, retirees, employers, NECA Chapters and IBEW Local Unions through these difficult times. Our staff is still available to assist you by phone and email Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm EST. Please note that you can also register for the Member Self-Service Online Portal to easily and securely get important Plan updates and information electronically, view your information and claims, manage your Wex Health SFA (if applicable), request a new medical/Rx ID card, or ask a question online. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding regarding potential delays that may occur due to the current extenuating circumstances of operation.

We also want to reassure our members that we will continue to process all claims and correspondence; however, anything sent in the mail or by fax may be delayed while we are operating remotely.

The FMCP Trustees will continue to monitor this situation daily and are prepared to adapt our operations as necessary to ensure continuous service while protecting the health and safety of our staff. We hope that you remain safe and well during this pandemic.


Notice Regarding 2020 Form 1095(B)

Pursuant to recent guidance from the federal government, the NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan will not automatically send 2020 Form 1095(B) to its members and/or participants this year. The form is available upon request, however, and will be provided within thirty (30) days of the date a request is received.

To request a copy of your 2020 Form 1095(B) or if you have any questions regarding your Form 1095(B), please contact:
410 Chickamauga Avenue, Suite 301
Rossville, GA 30741


 Welcome to the NECA/IBEW Family Medical Care Plan!

LiveHealth Online medical visits are free for FMCP members
through calendar year 2021


Using LiveHealth Online, you can have a private and secure video visit with a board-certified doctor 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. It’s a quick and easy way to get the care you need when you need it — without any long wait times. A doctor can assess your condition, provide a treatment plan, and even send a prescription to your pharmacy, if needed. All you need is Internet access with a webcam or the LiveHealth Online app on your smartphone or tablet. It's that easy.
Sign up for LiveHealth Online and register with your medical/Rx ID card to get access to a doctor on your schedule — when and where you need one. To learn how LiveHealth Online works, watch the video below or click here to learn how to register.

Please note: This benefit only applies to members who have their medical benefits through one of the FMCP PPO Plans.

The FMCP has a new
Member Self-Service Online Portal


The new Member Self-Service Online Portal lets you:
  • View your personal data
  • View your claims
  • View your EOBs
  • Request new medical/Rx ID cards
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Contact the Benefit Office

You can access the Member Self- Service Online Portal by either clicking on 'Member Sign-In' under the 'Members Only' navigation tab or clicking on the button below. If you have not already, you will need to register using your medical/Rx ID or your Social Security number.



Members with a FMCP PPO Plan can click here to search for in-network providers via Anthem.



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Please note: If your medical coverage is through Kaiser, this benefit is not applicable.


This website is designed to provide educational information on the Family Medical Care Plan (FMCP). It is not individualized and is not intended to serve as the primary or sole basis for your entitlement to the Plan. This website cannot cover all of the details of the Plan; it is an overview. The Plan governs all questions concerning benefits, rights and responsibilities under the Plan. In the event of a conflict between the website and the Plan, the Plan will govern.
There have been many changes to the Plan since it was established. Your benefits are generally based on the rules of the FMCP at the time you begin receiving these benefits. Therefore, before making any decision that could affect your rights or responsibilities under the Plan, you should contact the Benefit office and ask about how the Plan applies to your situation.
ATTENTION: The Notice of Privacy Practices is available on our website. Please click Plan Documents, Plan Notices & Member Forms at the top of the page and select Plan Notices to find the notice under 2013 Notices.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to retire, please notify the Benefit Office at least 45 days in advance. This is critically important to continue your medical coverage.

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