National Electrical Annuity Plan

Disability Benefit

A Disability Benefit is available to an eligible participant who is less than age 55 and who becomes disabled.

Eligible participants who are disabled can get a Disability Benefit if they have a Disability Award from the Social Security Administration showing that they are currently receiving a Social Security Disability Benefit.

If you are not receiving a Disability Benefit from the Social Security Administration, you may still qualify for a Disability Benefit if a bodily injury, sickness or disease prevents you from engaging in your job classification in covered employment. The Trustees will require proof to determine if you are eligible for a Disability Benefit.

The requirements for a NEAP Disability Benefit differ from the National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) disability benefit which does require that a participant be totally Disabled and unable to engage in any gainful employment.

You will be considered Disabled if you have become incapacitated by bodily injury, sickness or disease that prevents you from engaging in your job classification in covered employment.

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to receive a Disability Benefit when you meet the following requirements:

  • You are vested, and
  • You are less than age 55, and
  • You are disabled, and
  • You have not been approved for a Retirement Benefit, and
  • You are no longer working for a covered employer.

If you do not meet the above requirements, you will not be eligible to receive the balance of your individual account from NEAP until you meet them or meet the requirements for a Withdrawal Benefit or a Retirement Benefit.

You are not required to apply for a Disability Benefit if you become disabled. You may choose to leave your individual account with NEAP. Your balance will continue to reflect NEAP's investment performance as long as it remains in NEAP. Remember that once you are vested, you have a right to a benefit from NEAP. You cannot lose that right once you have earned it.

To download a Disability Benefit Application Package click here.

To assist you in completing the application, a brief tutorial can be viewed. The tutorial highlights the various parts of the application and what information is required.