How To Use Your Special Fund Account

Use Your Special Fund Account For Reimbursable Expenses

Your Special Fund Account is not a savings account from which you can withdraw at will. If you have an allowable reimbursable expense, you can monitor your Special Fund Account in the Wex Healthcard online portal. You will be able to submit receipts online for reimbursable medical expenses and check up-to-the-minute balances.
Alternatively, you can fill out a Special Fund Claim Form (click here to download) and return it to the Fund Office along with copies of the bills. The form authorizes the Fund Office to make a payment from your account.
If you have a sufficient account balance, the Fund Office will issue you a check for the amount of the expense, and your account will be reduced by the amount you were reimbursed.
Claims for over-the-counter medications must include store receipts on which the name of the product has been imprinted by the cash register as well as the date of the purchase and amount. Non-imprinted, or hand-annotated cash register receipts will NOT be accepted. Your reimbursement request cannot be processed if you only send a cancelled check – you must submit an itemized bill or copy of your Explanation of Benefits with your request. It is your responsibility to purchase these products at stores that properly document the name of the product purchased. 
A reimbursement request will be honored only if it is submitted within two years of the date the expense was incurred. Reimbursement requests can be submitted by you or your spouse.

Use Your Special Fund Account To Make A Self-Payment

If you wish to use your Special Fund Account to make a self-payment, please write to the Fund Office and direct them to subtract it from your account. If you have a sufficient amount in your Special Fund Account to cover the payment, the Fund Office will deduct the amount from your account and apply the payment toward your continuing eligibility.