Hour Bank

pil_translAfter you have satisfied the initial eligibility rules, your credited hours in excess of 140 in an eligibility (work) month will be credited to your hour bank.
The maximum hours you can accumulate in your hour bank is 840 hours (140 hours times six months = 840 hours).
If you fail to have 140 credited hours in an eligibility month, the number of credited hours necessary to make up the difference will be deducted from your hour bank.
If your combined hours from work and your hour bank are less than 140, you may make a self-payment for the hours you are short (see the following section for more information). If you don’t make the self-payment but return to work within twelve (12) months, the hours remaining in your hour bank can be used to help you re-establish eligibility. If you do not return to work within the twelve-month window, any remaining amounts in your hour bank will be forfeited. Your hour bank is not a vested benefit. The hours in your hour bank may, at any time, be limited, changed or extinguished through Trustee action. Your hour bank also has no monetary value.