Eligibility and the Ways to Achieve

Construction Eligibility

There are two types of eligibility. First is the Initial Eligibility which is the date on which you become initially eligible. You become initially eligible on the first day of the benefit month corresponding to the eligibility month in which you first accumulate at least 140 hours of worked and reported or 200 hours worked and reported in two consecutive months.
The table below shows how eligibility months correspond to benefit months. For example, if you work 140 hours in January, you are eligible for a benefit month in March.
Eligibility Month
(Month Worked)


Benefit Month
> March
February > April
March > May
April > June
May > July
June > August
July > September
August > October
September > November
October > December
November > January
December > February
The second type of eligibility is Continuing Eligibility which is when you will continue to be covered during each benefit month if you meet the Continuing Eligibility Rules during the corresponding eligibility month.
The ways to achieving the Continued Eligibility rules is by working 140 hours per month, having a combination of work hours and Hour Bank, making Self-Payments or any combination of the above.


Single Employer Eligibility

Beginning with the Effective Date of a single employers’ participation agreement, the Employer shall make contributions to the FMCP on behalf of all of its full-time bargaining unit employees as well as non-bargaining unit (if elected). An employee’s eligibility shall be determined under the provisions of the FMCP Plan of Benefits. The Employer’s eligible employees shall be entitled to coverage under the FMCP Plan that has been chosen by the parties. The contributions required under a participation agreement for each employee shall be made at the rates set by the Board of Trustees of the FMCP. The rates set shall be effective on the Effective Date and must be paid before the first of the month for the employees to be covered that month.